To Be a Tourist In Your Town

As a Maui resident, I don't find myself attending Luaus every so often; pretty much once in a great year, usually, when we have family visiting. It was fun though! We got to watch the cute little sunrise, drink some nonalcoholic drinks (barf), and stare in awe at the dancers shaking their hips faster than a washing machine. The food was delicious. I can live off of fried rice. There weren't very many choices for me as I'm a veggie head (vegetarian haha stupid joke) but I enjoyed the fried rice and sweet potatoes, mmmmm. I got a few shots in before the sun went down, my favorite being my boyfriend in "Country Club Chic" attire.   

If you've been to Maui, let's hope you've been to Hana. There are sunny beaches, amazing waterfalls, and refreshing ponds. We went to Hana this particular time to soak in some rays, lay in the sand, drink a few beers, and get away from reality. Everything is so green and relaxing there; its the perfect getaway for the day.

First of all, let me explain one thing. As a senior in my high school, we are required to do a senior project in order to graduate. There are four parts to the project: research paper, product, portfolio, and presentation. Lets just skip the boring stuff and go straight towards why i'm telling you this. I decided to make a hat. Oh. my. god. was that awful! I spent so many hours braiding and sewing it's ridiculous. I took a few snaps to include in my powerpoint, and well, whats keeping me from sharing them to the world!
Hope you've been having a good week. I apologize for my complete absence during the past week. I've been quite busy stuck doing work and tourist activities.


Veronica said...

Cute blog and pics!
Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Wait - are these pictures from a luau you recently attended - or are they google pics or etc. Because they look so vintage and antique. I love it!

And we had a senior project too for my high school - but ours had to be some sort of community service oriented thing. It took up so much time! I hope yours goes well

xo Sherrie

leah said...

i took all of these :)
yeah my cameras pretty cool, it makes all the images vintage-y and antique-y