I'd rather a loaf of leopards

Will someone puhhhlease stalker gift these to me?! Especially the leopards!

Oh, Dany boy

top: billabong, skirt: american apparel, heels: jessica simpson dany
Apologies for the awful lighting in the second shot, it fails to show the difference between the wooden heel and black leather. They fortunately came in in a couple days (2 or 3?). Anyways, I have lots of homework to attend to so I'll catchya later.

What to wear

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Photo Diary: Gardening day

This is my first batch of film from my new camera, the holga 35mm. These are a few of my favorites of my boyfriend gardening. I call him farmer joe, haha it sounds just as lame typed as it does when i say it. i'm actually really happy with the clarity and colors that it produced! i've been carrying the camera around with me everywhere taking random pictures so i'll hopefully post up more photos soon! 

The Globes

Who was your favorite? Least?

I did it

I finally ordered the Jessica Simpson Danys. I'M EXCITED! I'll post pictures when they come in


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love those shoes and obviously that coat. my god.


Dress: American apparel, Tights: Gap, Boots: UrbanOutfitters

HIIIIIII! Welcome to my house, haha. Decided to do a quick outfit post since its been awhile. Hope your having a good year!

Braid Raid

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A few hairspiration photos i've held on to for months. Braid your hair like so for me!


Louis Vitton Passy Gm 

Louis Vitton Rose Sunglasses

Both very classy


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First off, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Holy crap its 2011! I had a pretty relaxed New Years/Eve filled with fireworks, glittered nails, annnnnd work, which was a bummer. I wished I had a fun NYE party to dress up and sparkle up for but hey, theres no reason why I can't do that tomorrow! Here's to a clothing filled year!