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Dress to impress

here at nastygal
this outfit is perfection.

Queen of Spades

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i've been extremely busy this past week, trying to catch up on all the school work i've been putting off. i couldn't help but share this amazing image (even with such limited time) because, well, freja looks stunning in this.

Where'd it go?

via Streetstyle
Fabulous hair as always. It has that "where'd it go!" bun goin' on.

Riding Pants

Top: Gap, Pants: American Apparel Riding Pants, Bag: Forever 21, Sunnies: Ray Ban
I found myself in LOVE with the American Apparel Riding pants when I first snuggled them onto my legs. They're tight in all the right places, definitely the most comfortable pants i've ever put on my legs, and i love the way they cut off at my ankles (I might need to get ankle jeans now... oh boy). 
As for my hair, it is an on going struggle i deal with every morning. I waited like 3 months before i chopped my hair off and the second it was over I thought, "What did I just do." Don't get me wrong, I liked it for a week or two but then i just missed my long locks. Do you have short hair? What do you do with it in the morning! Shareeeeee your secrets. I'm dying to know them.

Dear Santa...

The Deserted Wedge Boot from Nasty Gal
and it's only $58! They are so going on my santa wishlist..
check them out HERE!

Colors of the Wind

I stumbled upon this amazing photographer's blog randomly and fell in love with his(?) work. I love the spontaneity and realness of his photos. Check out Viktor Vautier here!

Sit around Sunday

wearing: american apparel 3d floral mesh jumper and cotton high-waisted hot shorts. 
quick outfit post since i promised i'd start posting some. basically, i'm in the mood to stay home, watch movies, drink some tea, and lay around all day, which hopefully explains my lack of outfitting (real word?). also my hair is a mess so i'm hiding it!

These boots are made for walkin'

Christian Louboutin 
Elizabeth and James

Dolce Vita

I want some!

detailed clutches

Alexander McQueen
Judith Leiber

Nicole Linkletter

Finally! Nicole Linkletter from America's Next Top Model for Nasty Gal's December lookbook. Someone from ANTM is actually modeling! 

Just another day

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Ruby Aldridge by Derek Kettela. Impecable styling by Nicole Vitagliano. Those shoes in picture 5, ohhh my god.