"Scalloped Shoulder Bag"
"Versatile Briefcase Bag"

uhhhh f21, you are tickling my fancy!

j. mendel ss 2011

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this ballerina-y collection had a flawless check list: chiffon, silk, pleats, drapes, pop of color, fur, feminineness. i would wear any of these in a heart beat. the overall light,airy, girly vibe should make all girls (even some boys) drool.plus how cute are those ballet heels?

kate moss


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homegirl can pull off anything, including a trash bag.

turned my swag on

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ralph lauren ss 2011

images via vogue
i had a really hard time narrowing down which images to post because they were all so beautiful especially the gowns. i loved the lace maxi skirts and dresses and how neutral all the colors were. have you seen that episode of friends where rachel is in the elevator with her boss and as they were going up ralph lauren enters the elevator and the tension rises? this collection totally reminded me of his outfit on that episode. hahaha.


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black and white


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where can i find those iphone 4 cover/stickers? anyone?


I can't decide which to get! maybe i'll just have to get all three.. i love the shape of the the frame and the accented gold. also i don't think i'll ever be able to steer away from tortoise. 
check out the other styles!

ps. did you watch gossip girl? talk about crazy!


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Lady Gaga on the cover of Vogue Japan in a meat bikini. 
love gaga but hate the meat

more Chanel

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Chanel Soho Opening Party
Alexa Chung, Chanel Iman, Lily Donaldson
oh the life.