Michael Kors Fall '11

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Michael Kors surprisingly made it on to my favorites list this season. Has he always been this amazing? Probably.. I just never really payed attention to him because I thought he dressed older women (don't ask why). This season however, he caught my eye; I'm pretty sure it was all the sequins, did i fail to mention my obsession with sequins? Anyways, it was just great. I normally don't like jumpsuits, but damn, i'd totally put that sequin jumpsuit on in a heartbeat.

Marchesa Fall '11

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Marchesa, known for it's amazing appearances on the red carpet, was simply breathtaking. I absolutely loved the amount of tule put into the dresses, the applique covering the chest, and evil coming from the all black dress. I would pretty much die if I had the chance to put on the rose, applique, feather dress (2nd to last).

Marc Jacobs Fall '11

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If I only post three pictures, you should already know whats coming. Marc Jacobs?! What happened, man! You fell short of my expectation pole. The collection was quite 70s, expected, and sort of bland. Nothing really excited me. It really kills me to say this because he is one of my favorites to look at, but daaaaaaaaamn boy, what happened?

Jason Wu Fall '11

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Holy shit. Was I the only one who just peed my pants? This collection was simply amazing. I loved everything from the lace masks to the polka dot tights. I would do anything to get that lace tank/turtle neck blouse on my body. And those feather dresses? DIE! Lace, polka dots, red, see through, feathers, structure? My kind of stuff. Jason Wu, you are brilliant. 

Donna Karan Fall '11

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I loved the fur collars and amazing drapery. Beautiful fabrics and muted colors dominated this runway. I totally wouldn't mind wearing one of those hoods around town too.


Double finger cross ring: ASOS
Gold Chunky Bangle: Mango

Photo Diary: California

Last week I went on an impromptu trip to California for my grandma's birthday. It was fun! I took some pictures with my holga and well... they came out okay. You need a whole lot of light to get these pictures nice and crisp. Its a fun camera, no doubt, but it takes a little more than a click to get this bugger fired up. Anyways, have a fun three day weekend!