Photo Diary: Gardening day

This is my first batch of film from my new camera, the holga 35mm. These are a few of my favorites of my boyfriend gardening. I call him farmer joe, haha it sounds just as lame typed as it does when i say it. i'm actually really happy with the clarity and colors that it produced! i've been carrying the camera around with me everywhere taking random pictures so i'll hopefully post up more photos soon! 


Angie Aquarius said...

omg! I LOVE your dog! Looks soooo cuuutie!

*From Munich With Love*

Sofi Stellar said...

These are such pretty photos. Holgas take such great pictures, don't they?

Viv said...

Nice pictures! what camera do u have?

Alexandra Amico said...

nice pics!

Giulia Sulis said...

lovely photo!!!

Giulia Sulis

Anonymous said...

great pictures!!

GlamorousGirl said...

love ur dog! nice blog! hope u check out mine!
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jae said...

would just like to let you know that i nominated you for a stylish blogger award, go to my blog for the details!

Anonymous said...

love your blog, please do keep it up!
i'll be back for sure!
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