Riding Pants

Top: Gap, Pants: American Apparel Riding Pants, Bag: Forever 21, Sunnies: Ray Ban
I found myself in LOVE with the American Apparel Riding pants when I first snuggled them onto my legs. They're tight in all the right places, definitely the most comfortable pants i've ever put on my legs, and i love the way they cut off at my ankles (I might need to get ankle jeans now... oh boy). 
As for my hair, it is an on going struggle i deal with every morning. I waited like 3 months before i chopped my hair off and the second it was over I thought, "What did I just do." Don't get me wrong, I liked it for a week or two but then i just missed my long locks. Do you have short hair? What do you do with it in the morning! Shareeeeee your secrets. I'm dying to know them.

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Anonymous said...

I love your top! I really hope off-the-shoulder never goes out of style. I have about the same length hair that you do, but you look like you can totally rock a disheveled head of short hair! So don't even worry about it.

xo Sherrie